Crane design

Crane design

Bridge Cranes, Gantry Cranes

We are expert in Gantry Crane and Bridge Crane design. Therefore we focus on the optimal solution of the specific task, resulting in minimum changes of the original design, but providing significant structural improvement.

Our Consulting Office, with the aid of internet, provides engineering services to clients based anywhere on the globe.

We have delivered a large number of Gantry Crane and Bridge Crane stress analysis and optimizing solutions.

These Cranes were designed for severe loading conditions (rough deepsea environment).

Specifically the loads other than normal selfweight and SWL(safe working load) has included horizontal accelerations up to 0.6g (60% of selfweight+SWL in any horiz direction) and windload up to 64m/s (230 km/h or 140 mph).

As these structures are allways tailor-made equipments, we are normally checking all details based on adequate standard. Throughout the whole process, we give continous feedback on the structural quality of the solutions, and if necessary providing reinforcement options.

As an example we are showing the main highlights of one Gantry Crane project below.

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Gantry Crane

The design of several Gantry Crane was checked: first evaluating the possible loading scenarios and finding the governing situations. The main beam model of the crane was checked in several positions.

Gantry Cane

Also the main SWL (safe working load) was applied in the most realistic way. The sling arrangement was taken into account.

Winch Forces

All details have been checked, and some found to be critical. These have been reinforced and have found a possible solution together with the project designer.

Gantry Cane
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EuroCode1: Basis of design and actions on structures

EuroCode3: Design of Steel structures

FEM – Rules for Heavy Lifting Appliances (loading, stress, fatigue calculation)


MSZ 15021 Építmények teherhordó szerkezeteinek erőtani tervezése (Design of load bearing structures of buildings)

MSZ 15022 Vasbeton szerkezetek (Reinforced concrete structures)

MSZ 15023 Falazott szerkezetek (Masonry structures)

MSZ 15024 Acél szerkezetek (Steel structures)

MSZ 15025 Faszerkezetek (Wooden constructions)

MI-04.133-81 Méretezési irányelvek földrengési hatásokra (Design guidelines for earthquake/seismic impacts)


NS3479 – Prosjektering av bygningskonstruksjoner (Loading criterias for buildings)

NS3472 – Prosjektering av stalkonstruksjoner (Design of Steel structures)

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American (US)

ASCE –Design of Blast Resistant Buildings in Petrochemical Facilites

TIA/EIA – Structural Standards for Steel Antenna Towers and Antenna Supporting Structures

ANSI - NDS: National Design Specification for Wood Construction

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